Laptop with folding vertical dual screen

Today, after coming across some images of the dual screen tablet Libretto W100 on TV, I browsed the web to check if we are going to see anytime soon some dual screen smartphone (ie similar shape as the Nintendo DS, but lighter/thinner and with a smartphone OS running on it). Apparently there is a new Sharp processor that will allow this to happen some time in the near future, fingers crossed.

After that I thought, would not it be cool to have a second screen on top of my laptop screen. I browsed the web again but the only dual screen laptops that currently exist have horizontal dual screens which make them very bulky specially if someone is sitting next to you. So I’ve posted a message in a related web forum threads here Onkyo intros dual-screen laptop, Sotec DX1007 – TechSpot OpenBoards. Like a message in a bottle, it reads :

“It would be much smarter to have 2 vertical dual screens instead of 2 horizontal dual screens. With only one screen I always feel more limited by the vertical space not the horizontal space.
And with 2 vertical dual screens you do not annoy people sitting next to you.

And no : a dual screen without physical keyboard would not do it for me.
I would really love to have a laptop with a proper physical keyboard and 2 vertical dual screens.”

Hopefully the future will fulfil this wish of mine (surely I must not be the only one wanting this).

Here is the closest-looking designs I’ve found so far on the web :

This concept is a bit different (3 folding screens with flat angle for top 2 screens) but interesting :

In the meantime that would be cool to be able to easily clip a second screen on top the first screen but don’t know how I could do that. One more thing to add to my “investigation to do list”.

Here an idea of setup when at home :

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